Hi there!

I am a Computer Vision researcher with a focus on deep learning applications in medical imaging and healthcare. I am fascinated by the sophistication of biological systems and want to develop AI tools to better understand them. Currently, I am working at Endovision AI, a medical imaging startup based in Hong Kong focussed on bringing the power of AI analytics and computer vision to Endoscopy imaging. During my past stints, I have gained experience working with MRI/CT (Neural Engineering Lab, IITG ) , EEG (IIIT Hyderabad) and Electrophysiology (McGill University).

While I am not working on machine learning projects, I spend my time reading about international relations, non-fiction and productivity hacks.

I am a strong advocate of learning by doing. Whenever I learn something and came across something highly insightful, I make it a point to share it via my twitter account.